Patagonian Mara

Patagonian Mara Dolichotis patagonum

Type of Animal:

Open/semi-open grassland, bushland, desert, scrub, shrubland, open forest, scrub forest, savanna, thorny steppe, plains, agricultural areas

C. & S. Argentina

Gray back & face, rabbit-like ears, orangish belly, rodent-like nose, long legs, looks like cross between antelope, rabbit, & kangaroo.

Grasses & herbs

Status in Wild:

Breeding from farms, ranches, zoos, wildlife parks, & private breeders. Farmed for meat sometimes.

Colonies of 1-10 monogamous pairs

Additional Info:


Adult-25-35 lbs
Young-1 lb

3 months

2 ft

Body Length:
2.5 ft

Life Span:
8-10 years in wild, up to 14 years in captivity

Females often put offspring into crèches for safety.

Main predators of adults are felids, canids, & very large raptors. Raptors & grison prey on young.

4th largest rodent after porcupines, beavers, and capybaras, respectively.

They squeal like guinea pigs.

Declining due to competition w/ rabbits for food & space along w/ habitat loss & hunting for meat.

Females can have up to 3 litters per year, w/ each litter containing 1-3 babies.

They’re very good diggers.

Females sexually mature at 2.5 months, males at 6 months.

Commonly kept in zoos as education animals & as breeders.

Males help guard offspring.

Grunting used as a threat.

Like most rodents, teeth keep growing.

Fun Fact(s):
Can run up to 30 mph.

Sometimes kept as pets & are very gentle animals that can be leash & potty trained. However, they require special caging.

If startled, they can leap up to 6 ft in the air.

They can be quite flighty.

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