Northern White-Cheeked Gibbon

Northern White-Cheeked Gibbon  Nomascus leucogenys

Type of Animal:

Tropical/subtropical forest

S.W. Yunnan province of China, Vietnam & Laos

Male black w/ white cheeks, female blondish-whitish, all babies born white/blond, male babies change from white/blond to black, females go from white/blond to black to blondish-whitish. Female lacks crest of male.

Fruit, leaves, buds, flowers, seeds, bark, shoots, insects, spiders, eggs, small birds

Status in Wild:
Critically Endangered

Breeding in zoos, wildlife parks, & breeding centers

Troops comprise of monogamous pair w/ 1-4 offspring.

Additional Info:


Male-12.3 lbs
Female-12.8 lbs
Young-1.2 lbs

7 months

1.5-2.08 ft

Body Length:
1.5-2.08 ft

Life Span: 
30 years in wild, up to 45 years in captivity

Main predators are felids, large pythons, & raptors.

Families very territorial & mark territory w/ vocalizations. First, pair starts w/ duet and then offspring join in. Female’s part is long rising series of notes while male grunts, squeals & whistles. These vocalizations can be heard hundreds of miles away.

Declining due to deforestation, pet trade, logging, habitat loss, medicinal trade, hunting for meat, inbreeding, & disease.

Almost all their time is spent in the canopy.

Sexually mature at 6 years old.

Females give birth every 2.5 years.

Female dominant over male.

Territories range from 30-400 acres.

Due to habit of brachiating from tree to tree, bone fractures quite common.

They can swing at distances of up to 50 ft, at speeds as much as 35 mph.

They can leap up to 27 ft.

Like all gibbons, they’re diurnal.

Due to fruit eating habits, important seed dispersers in forest.

Fun Fact(s):
Though they look like monkeys, they’re actually apes since they lack a tail.

They can inflict nasty bites from their canine teeth if provoked.

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