Gaur                          Bos gaurus

Type of Animal:
Wild Cattle

Grassland, hill forest, evergreen/semi-evergreen forest, deciduous forest, savanna forest, savanna, wet forest, monsoon forest, grassy clearings, jungle

India, S.E. Asia, Nepal, Bhutan

Bull dark brown-black w/ distinctive dorsal ridge, cow brown, upwardly curved horns smaller on cow, cows have much less prominent hump. Largest wild cattle species.

Grass, browse, herbs, leaves, creepers, twigs, fruit, seeds, bark, bamboo, corn, cassava, young trees

Status in Wild:

Breeding from zoos, wildlife parks, & breeding centers. Domesticated gaur called gayal or mithun are raised for meat.

Cows & calves live in herds of 8-10, accompanied by a bull. Other bulls live in separate bachelor herds.

Additional Info:


Male-2,200-3,300 lbs
Female-1,500-2,200 lbs
Young-900 lbs

8.5-9 months

Male-5.11-6.28 ft
Female-5-6.2 ft

Body Length:
Male-10 ft
Female-8 ft

Life Span: 
20 years in wild, up to 30 years in captivity

Tail Length:
Male-3 ft
Female-2.98 ft

Main predators of adults are tigers, crocodiles, & dholes. Leopards prey on calves.

Fights between bulls fierce, sometimes resulting in death.

Threatened due to logging/deforestation, habitat loss, hunting for meat/horns/sport, diseases transmitted by domestic cattle, & hybridization w/ domestic cattle.

They’ve been known to gore predators to death w/ their sharp horns.

Sexually mature at 2 years old.

Bulls make roaring call during rut that carries on for more than 1 mile.

They make whistling snort as an alarm call.

Sometimes called the Asian Bison.

Fun Fact(s):
Famous drink “Red Bull” based on Thai drink “Gratin Daang” meaning “red gaur.”

They’ve been known to produce fertile hybrids w/ Banteng (another wild cattle species).

A gaur was cloned in 2001 but calf died of dysentery 2 days layer.

Known as seladang in Malaysia & pyoung in Burma.

Known to be extremely dangerous & unpredictable, especially cows w/ calves & bulls in breeding season (rut).

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