Domestic Pig

Domestic Pig      Sus domesticus

Type of Animal:

Farms and fields


Boars (males) larger than sows (females). Many different breeds so many different appearances. Many breeds pinkish to reddish, some have greyish coloration, some have blackish coloration, some are white w/ spots, many breeds have spots. Tusks in mouth.

Vegetables, nuts, roots, tubers, bulbs, fruit, grubs, snails, worms, eggs, rodents, birds, carrion, hay, pig pellets, pig meal, oats, legumes, corn, rye, barley, refuse, fungi, berries, wheat, fish, flowers, grasses, leaves, soybeans, snakes (including venomous species), turtles, small tortoises, amphibians, young echidnas

Status in Wild:

Breeding on farms. Mainly farmed for meat.

Sows & piglets live in groups called sounders, which range from 3-50 pigs, w/ or w/o mature boar. Some breeding groups have 1-10 barrows (castrated males) & younger boars. Many boars & barrows live in bachelor groups.

Additional Info:


Male-550-815 lbs
Female-395-660 lbs
Young-10-30 lbs

3.5-4 months

Male-2.5-3 ft
Female-2.2-2.8 ft

Body Length:
3-5 ft, same for both sexes

Life Span:
20-25 years

Tail Length:
8.4-10.8 in, same for both sexes

Main predators are bears, crocodilians, leopards, lions, tigers, large snakes, komodo dragons, snow leopards, jaguars, fossas, chimps, wild dogs, feral dogs, pumas/cougars/mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, hyenas, clouded leopards, cheetahs, bobcats, lynxes, caracals, ocelots, & very large eagles. Piglets preyed on by raptors & foxes plus many smaller wild felids.

Intact boars have very strong odor.

Have great sense of smell, leading to some pigs being used in truffle-sniffing.

Largest piglets usually get best teats for nursing.

Usually 6-12 piglets in a litter.

Fun Fact(s):
It’s been said that pigs pick up tricks faster than dogs.

They’re known to be very intelligent, ranking at #4 behind chimps, dolphins, & elephants.

Contrary to popular belief, they’re quite clean. Sleep in one area & defecate/urinate in another. Groups often have communal areas for these activities.

They like mudholes & water because they can’t sweat.

They’ve played big part in pop culture. Examples include movie Babe, the Muppets series, ‘Looney Tunes’ cartoons, & stories such as Charlotte’s Web & “Three Little Pigs.”

Some smaller breeds, like Potbellies & Kune Kunes, popular as pets.

Most breeds friendly w/ people though sows highly protective of piglets & some boars become unpredictable during breeding season.

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