Caracal        Caracal caracal

Type of Animal:

Woodland, savanna, scrub, scrub forest, semi-desert, desert, dry forest, humid forests (not rainforests or jungles), mountainous areas, marshy lowlands, plains, rocky hills, thickets

Much of Africa except for much of Sahara & rainforests to parts of Middle East avoiding extreme desert through Iraq & Iran all the way to extreme W. India

Beige-orange coloration w/ tufted, pointy ears & white belly. Males larger than females. Slender but muscular w/ short tail.

Rodents, hyraxes, hares, rabbits, goats, sheep, mongooses, birds, carrion, gazelles, duikers, dwarf antelopes, kudu calves, reedbuck, blackbuck, impala, bushbuck, domestic calves, domestic pigs, hedgehogs, insects, snakes, lizards up to size of sub-adult monitor lizards, vegetables, tortoises, foxes, young crocodiles, genets, small felids

Status in Wild:

Breeding in zoos & wildlife centers

Solitary or male-female pairs

Additional Info:


Male-25.6 lbs
Female-15.2 lbs
Young-4.2 lbs

70 days

Male-1.5 ft
Female-1.3 ft

Body Length:
Male-4 ft
Female-3 ft

Life Span: 
12 years in wild, up to 18 years in captivity

Tail Length:
0.7-1 ft

Fiercely territorial w/ fights sometimes resulting in death.

Each male territory encompasses up to 3 female territories.

They’re generally nocturnal.

Sexually mature at 1 year old.

Often hunted for preying on livestock & for fur & meat.

Sometimes called “Desert Lynx.”

Main predators are lions, hyenas, pythons, crocodiles, & leopards.

Fun Fact(s):
Used to be kept in South African airports to scare birds away.

Possess ability to leap quite high into the air to catch low-flying birds.

There have been cases of cornered caracals driving off packs of dogs.
Indian, Egyptian, & Persian royalty kept them as pets for hunting purposes.

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