Allen’s Swamp Monkey

Allen’s Swamp Monkey Allenopithecus nigroviridis

Type of Animal:
Old World Monkey

Lowland forest, swamp forest, forests near water, riverine areas, tropical moist forest, swamps, swampy areas, riverine forests near cropland, creeks

NE Republic of Congo, NW Democratic Republic of Congo, & small part of Central African Republic

Brown, gray, & green fur, fur longer around neck/shoulders, males larger than females, reddish-dark pinkish face w/ long hair bundles at cheeks, slightly webbed fingers/toes, long tail

Fruit, greens, vegetables, root vegetables, crops, leaves, seeds, insects, fish, shrimp, snails, worms

Status in Wild:

Breeding in zoos & wildlife parks

Troops of up to 40 led by dominant male

Additional Info:

Young: Infant
Group: Troop

Male: 13 lbs
Female: 7.5 lbs
Young: 3 lbs

5-6 months 

Life Span:
20-25 years

Male: 1.97 ft
Female: 1.476 ft

Body Length:
Male: 1.97 ft
Female: 1.476 ft

Tail Length:
Male: 1.67 ft
Female: 1.583 ft

Main predators are leopards, chimps, bonobos, raptors, snakes, & crocodiles.
Named after American zoologist Joel Asaph Allen.
Like most monkeys, active during the day (diurnal).
Sexually mature at 3 years old.
Like many other primates, they practice social grooming to strengthen bonds.
Often arboreal as well as semi-terrestrial, often foraging on ground.
Young weaned at 2.5-3 months but stay w/ mom until sexual maturity & sometimes after.
While stable, bushmeat hunting, persecution as crop pests, pet trade, habitat loss, deforestation, & use in medical research loom.
Use high-pitched long call when greeting/locating other troop members. Chirping used as alarm call. Males emit deep throaty croaks.
Sometimes seen w/ other monkey species.
Due to fruit/seed eating, they play a role in seed dispersal.
Usually flee from predators but sometimes mob attack.

Fun Fact(s):
Highly curious, inquisitive, & intelligent, often seen manipulating objects w/ very dexterous hands.
Scientists study memory & problem-solving by presenting them w/ complex tasks.
Unlike many monkeys, they’re unafraid of water, often diving to avoid danger & foraging in shallow water.
Allen’s Swamp Monkey, stock photo

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