Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko Eublepharis macularius

Type of Animal:

Rocky desert & sub-desert

N.W. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, & parts of Iran

Spotted markings w/ yellow skin, males larger w/ broader heads than females, whitish belly, males have hemipenal bulges below tail.

Crickets, mealworms, waxworms, silkworms, moths, spiders, beetles, worms, scorpions, locusts, grasshoppers, young mice, even young of their own species.

Status in Wild:

Breeding from private breeders & zoos. Bred for pet trade.

Groups consist of male w/ 2-10 females. Many individuals solitary.

Additional Info:


Male-2.816 oz
Female-2.672 oz
Young-0.096-0.32 oz

1 month

Body Length:
Male-7.92-9.96 in
Female-6.96-7.92 in
Young-3-3.96 in

Life Span: 
10 years in wild, 15 years in captivity

Tail Length:
Male-2.64-3.312 in
Female-2.316-2.64 in
Young-0.996-1.32 in

Main predators of adults are birds, larger lizards, dogs, cats, foxes, weasels, polecats, wolves, jackals, hyenas, snakes, mongooses, frogs, camel spiders, & large hunting spiders. Adult leopard geckos & scorpions prey on young.

Males very territorial & will kill each other if they encroach onto another’s territory.

Mainly nocturnal, resting under rocks during the day.

They have very keen senses of hearing and sight.

Females lay 2-6 eggs during breeding season.

After female lays eggs, she plays no more parental role. Young hatch out by themselves.

Males sexually mature at 9 months old, females at 1 year old.

Male often bites female when mating, sometimes causing scars.

Sex determined by incubation temperature, lower temps=female, higher temps=male.

Fun Fact(s):
One of the few gecko species to have eyelids.

If agitated, they make a bark-like sound.

Never grab a leopard gecko by the tail- the tail will fall off if this happens.

Very common in pet trade due to docile temperament & ease of keeping.

Tail will drop if threatened by predator or over-stressed. Tail can regrow itself.

They flick their tongue to grab insects.

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