Jungle Carpet Python

Jungle Carpet Python         Morelia cheynei

Type of Animal:

Tropical/subtropical forests

NE Queensland

Females larger than males, yellow ground color w/ black blotches, spots blotchier on adults, different morphs in captivity such as tigers & zebras, hatchlings start drab gray-and-black

Mammals up to size of puppies, birds, lizards

Status in Wild:

Breeding from zoos, wildlife centers, & breeders


Additional Info:


Male-3.3 lbs
Female-5.5 lbs

1.5-2 months 

Life Span:
20 years

Body Length:
Male-5 ft
Female-7 ft
Young-2.5 ft

Tail Length:
1.5 ft

Main predators of adults are crocodilians & large eagles. Other raptors eat young.

Valued for keeping rodent populations in check but sometimes killed for eating chickens & on rarer occasions, puppies.

They’re semi-arboreal.

Males often stop feeding during breeding season.

Females lay 8-28 eggs per clutch.

Even though not warm-blooded, females can raise body temps by twitching muscles.

Sexually mature at 2.5-3 years.

Females usually nest in tree hollows.

Males use spurs near base of tail during courtship/mating.

Hunted for skins/leather & for eating chickens.

Like all pythons, they kill prey by constricting & swallowing whole.

Males fight by wrestling each other.

Fun Fact(s):
Young snakes rather nippy but adults tend to be fairly docile. Some adults stay aggressive.

Get name due to resemblance to old carpet patterns.

They have a very strong feeding response.

The scientific name, cheynei, named in honor of Cheyne Wellington, who helped classify this snake.

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