Carrot-Tail Viper Gecko

Carrot-Tail Viper Gecko Hemidactylus imbricatus

Type of Animal:

Arid rocky areas, rocky desert, shrubland, cities

SE Pakistan & small tiny border area in India

Small gecko w/ unique ladder pattern w/ black/gray/beige/white colors, tapered carrot/turnip shaped tail, latticed appearance, keeled dorsal viper-like scales, smoother smaller ventral scales, long slender limbs, males have more bulgy tails, females have flatter tails, catlike eyes

Crickets, roaches, moth larvae, beetles, beetle larvae, flies, fly larvae

Status in Wild:

Breeding in zoos & herpetoculture

Groups of 3-8 geckos w/ 1-2 males & rest being females.

Additional Info:

Young: Hatchling
Group: Leap/Colony

0.12-0.17 oz

2 months 

Life Span:
7-10 years

Body Length:
Adult: 2.5-3 in
Young: 1 in

Tail Length:
1 in

Also called Turnip-Tailed Geckos.
Females lay eggs in pairs & can lay up to 12-14 times a year.
Active at night (nocturnal).
These geckos like to dig.
Sexually mature at 6-7 months old, males mature before females.
Coloration aids in camouflage.
Though primarily terrestrial, they do climb sometimes.
These geckos can be fairly fast.
Sometimes do tail-wave before striking food.
Females sometimes have bite marks on them after mating.

Fun Fact(s):
Prone to obesity in captivity & fat-tailed females sometimes mistaken for males.
Newborn hatchlings small enough to fit completely on fingernail.
These small geckos make decent pets. Pets should be sourced from captive-bred sources.
Get viper name from keeled scales. This appearance could possibly deter predators.
Fat tail comes in handy for storing fat/water.
While these lizards do tame down, handling needs to be very gentle due to small size/fragile body.
If handled roughly, they can drop tail. Tail will eventually grow back.

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