Blue Spiny Lizard

Blue Spiny Lizard Sceloporus serrifer

Type of Animal:

Boulders, boulder fields, rocky escarpments, deserted buildings, bridge abutments, underground rocky crevices, rock piles, cliffs, bridges, dry creekbeds, rodent nests/burrows, rocky terrain in arid/semiarid environments, rocky hillsides, desert, shrubland

S Texas, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize

Stocky grayish-brown lizard w/ white spots on head/back, distinctive white-bordered black collar around neck, males have blue-green sheen to backs & blue chin/throat/belly, banded tail, females have gray throats & lack blue-green coloration instead having grayish to brownish color, both sexes have rough strongly keeled scales, males more colorful in breeding season

Beetle larvae, moth larvae, crickets, caterpillars, small roaches, flying insects

Status in Wild:

Breeding from zoos & private breeders

Harems of a male w/ 2-7 females or bachelor groups of nonbreeding males, sometimes w/ older dominant male. Some males solitary.

Additional Info:

Young: Neonate
Group: Leap/Colony
3.175-7.05 oz

4 months 

Life Span:
3-4 years in wild, 7 years in captivity

Body Length:
Adult: 5-14 in
Young: 3 in

Tail Length:
8 in

These lizards ovoviviparous, w/ eggs hatching inside body, resulting in live young.
Females give birth to 6-18 young from February-June.
Sexually mature at a year old.
These lizards are very alert & agile.
Rough scales help protect them from potential predators. Especially effective for wedging itself into crevice.
In territorial disputes, males head-bob. If that doesn’t work, he’ll turn broadside, flattening body & displaying flowing blue belly.
Active during the day (diurnal).
Often bask in morning sun.
When not foraging, they spend lots of time sheltering avoiding temp extremes & predators.

Fun Fact(s):
These lizards can be very skittish.
Often catch flying insects in mid-air by leaping from rocks.
If grabbed by tail, they can shed at least part of if not all of tail. Tail eventually regenerates.

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