White Ribbon Eel/Ghost Eel

Ghost Eel/White Ribbon Eel Pseudechidna brummeri

Type of Animal:
Moray Eel

Lagoons w/ rubble/sand, reef flats w/ rubble/sand, sheltered coastal reefs w/ rubble/sand and/or rocky outcrops


Mostly white w/ black spots covering head/face, long nostrils, older animals darker

Shrimp, krill, squid, mussels, crabs, octopus, scallops, oysters, clams, fish

Status in Wild:

Studies on populations & patterns, habitat monitoring


Additional Info:

Young: Leptocephalus
Group: Solitary

8-10 oz

2 months

Life Span:
20 years

Body Length:
0.67-3 ft

Tail Length:
0.5-2 ft

Active at night (nocturnal).

Very secretive in the wild & in captivity.

These eels sometimes appear in aquarium trade.

Like other moray eels, they’re ambush predators.

Like other moray eels, they have poor eyesight.

Only member of genus Pseudechidna.

Like other moray eels, they use smell/motion to hunt prey.

Consume prey by clamping down w/ both sets of sharp teeth.

They’re extremely difficult to breed in captivity.

Sometimes called Brummer’s Moray & White Ribbon Moray.

Gets genus name Pseudechidna from Greek word meaning false viper due to viper-like look.

Their coloration often blends in with the substrate.

Slippery mucus covering body protects it from ectoparasites.

Fun Fact(s):
Open & close mouths frequently to move water through gills for respiration. This behavior often scares people due to showing of teeth.

These eels are great escape artists.

These eels can survive for up to 12 hours out of water.

These fish should not be hand-fed due to sharp teeth & poor eyesight.

While bites not venomous, they can cause infection due to bacteria in mouth.

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