Warty Frogfish

Warty Frogfish Antennarius maculatus

Type of Animal:

Reefs associated w/ sponges, rocky sea floors, coastal areas w/ plenty of algal growth near/on sponges, shipwrecks, jetties, artificial reefs


Globulous extensible body, soft skin covered w/ small dermal spinules, very warty fish, coloration matches living environment & they can easily change color, angled pectoral fins, very well-camouflaged fish

Fish (as large as twice their size as well as each other), shrimp, crabs, clams

Status in Wild:

Not applicable


Additional Info:

Young: Fry
Group: Solitary

Male: 1-1.5 lbs
Female: 2.5-3 lbs

1 month 

Life Span:
5 years in captivity, 15-20 years in wild

Body Length:
Male: 3-4 in
Female: 4-5.9 in

Main predators are each other, other frogfish species, scorpionfish, lizardfish, & moray eels (1st 3 often taken in fights to death w/ whoever dies 1st being eaten).
These animals masters of camouflage coming in handy for catching prey (they’re ambush predators) & for concealing themselves from predators.
Also called Clown Frogfish, Clown Anglerfish, Galloping Clown Frogfish, Large-Spotted Angler, Wartface Anglerfish, Warty Anglerfish, Wartskin Frogfish, & Wartface Frogfish.
Prey lured w/ stalk between eyes copying movement of small prey animals.
They swim by jet propulsion, using backward-facing tube-like gill openings to propel itself rather than tail.
Post-spawning is very dangerous time as females often eat smaller males.
Females release thousands to tens of thousands of eggs.
Eggs encapsulated in ribbon-like buoyant mucus mass drifting for about a month until hatching.
Larvae/fry hatch in planktonic stage which lasts 1.5 months.
These fish are very shy.

Fun Fact(s):
Get anglerfish name due to 1st dorsal spine being modified as fishing rod.
These fish lack swim bladders, instead using modified pectoral fins to walk/gallop along sea floor. These fish don’t move very much.
They can change color to blend in w/ surroundings. Unlike chameleons, these color change transitions can last more than a month.
If camouflage doesn’t work, they’ll inflate body by swallowing water, lessening chance of being swallowed.
These fish exhibit biofluorescence.
Mouth opens/expands to width of bodies when engulfing/consuming prey.

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