Tailspot Blenny

Tailspot Blenny Ecsenius stigmatura

Type of Animal:
Combtooth Blenny

Coral-rich/rock-rich reefs, in/around live rock, ledges, small crevices, bottom areas, coastal lagoons of 6.56-98.425 ft depth, sheltered coral reefs of 6.56-98.425 ft depth, reefs w/ plenty of small holes for hiding, shallow coastal waters

Indo-Pacific & W Pacific

Small slender coppery/beige-colored fish (coloration does vary) w/ distinct blackish/dark spot at tail base, noticeable banding around eyes, large eyes, bluish area near face, males brighter w/ longer fins, antennae protruding from forehead, many individuals orange in posterior area

Algae, seaweed, vegetable matter, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp

Status in Wild:

Not applicable

Solitary or small colonies w/ multiple territories in close proximity

Additional Info:

Young: Fry
Group: Colony

3 days 

Life Span:
2-5 years

Body Length:
2-2.5 in

These fish like to hide.
Also called Tailspot Coral Blenny, Orange Tail Blenny, & Tail-Spot Combtooth Blenny.
They’re bottom dwellers.
Female places eggs on walls of caves/crevices w/ male entering cave/crevice to fertilize them.
Male guards eggs for 3 days before they hatch.
Eggs hatch as planktonic larvae.
These little fish have big metabolisms, eating multiple small meals per day.
These fish are very inquisitive.
Will perch on ledges/rockwork to survey surroundings.
Active during the day (diurnal).
Get name from dark spot at tail base.

Fun Fact(s):
A single blenny will do well in a tank as small as 10 gallons.
These fish very difficult to breed in captivity.
These fish are excellent jumpers.
Due to jumping ability, they need to be kept in very tightly sealed aquariums in captivity.
These blennies are fairly easy to keep but are not best recommendation for beginner aquarists.
Will sometimes play dead when threatened.

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