Spectacular Basketmouth Cichlid

Spectacular Basketmouth Cichlid Caquetaia spectabilis

Type of Animal:

Vegetation near riverbanks, nearshore vegetated river areas

Brazil: Amazon River, Madeira River, Uatama River, Araguari River, Branco River. Also found in Guyana.

Fairly large colorful cichlid, often shows mixes of reds/greens/blues sometimes yellows & oranges, males more colorful w/ more intense striping & longer pelvic fins

Fish (including members of own species), shrimp

Status in Wild:

Breeding in aquariums & aquaculture

Schools of 2-10 fish w/ equal numbers of males & females. Occasionally, a few more females than males. Breeding pairs stake out territories during spawning.

Additional Info:

Young: Fry
Group: School

Male: 12-14 oz
Female: 7-9 oz

4-5 days

Life Span:
8-12 years

Body Length:
Male: 4-12 in
Female: 2-10 in

Main predators are other fish, crocodilians, turtles, birds, & mammals.

These fish are not common in the aquarium trade.

Pairs become territorial during spawning.

These fish have very quick reflexes.

These fish are ambush predators.

Reach maturity at a year old.

Females lay 400-1,500 eggs, which both parents defend.

Breeding pairs excavate caves/holes in substrate to lay eggs.

Once fry hatch, parents direct them to enclosed areas between rocks to protect them.

These fish sometimes eaten in parts of their range.

Also called Basketmouth Cichlids & Rose Acara Cichlids.

Fun Fact(s):
Get name from extendable jaw & habit of inhaling prey whole.

Gets spectabilis part of scientific name due to striking coloration.

Under bright light, these fish give off an almost kaleidoscopic glow.

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