Jumbie Teta

Jumbie Teta Ancistrus cirrhosus

Type of Animal:

Streams, fast-flowing waters w/ gravel substrate, flooded forests, highly oxygenated dense forest river basins w/ moderate to high current 

South America. Introduced in S Florida.

Armored catfish, spotted all over, dark eyes, yellow areas on tail/dorsal fins, noticeable suckermouth, elongated body, males have more noticeable bushy fleshy growths on snout

Algae, detritus, periphyton, vegetables, greens, insect larvae, worms, carrion

Status in Wild:

Breeding in aquariums & aquaculture

Solitary or schools of 2-10 fish

Additional Info:

Young: Fry/Fingerling
Group: School

Male: 1-2 lbs
Female: 1-1.5 lbs

7-10 days

Life Span:
5-8 years

Body Length:
Male: 3.5-5 in
Female: 2.5-4 in
Young: 0.3 in

These fish spend most of their time on the bottom.

Females lay 20-200 adhesive eggs.

Males guard eggs & take care of fry for 7-10 days, which is when fry become independent.

Fry free swimming at 2-4 days old.

Also called Bristlenose Catfish, Bristlenose Pleco, Jumbie Teta Bristlenose Pleco, Bushynose Catfish, Bushymouth Pleco, Uruguay Bushynose, Common Bristlenose Pleco, Bushynose Pleco, Brushmouth Pleco, Suckerfish, & Suckermouth Catfish among others.

These catfish breed in caves/similar sheltered spaces.

Armor on body makes them less appealing to potential predators.

These fish very docile, mixing well w/ variety of other species.

Sometimes hybridize w/ related species.

Often mistaken w/ other members of Ancistrus genus.

More active at night but sometimes active during the day as well.

Mouth shape comes in handy for sucking up food.

When fry hatch, they absorb egg yolk for 1st few days of life.

These fish produce lots of poop.

These catfish not highly valued as food fish.

Maturity reached between 6-12 months.

Fun Fact(s):
These fish popular in aquariums due to use as algae control.

They’re great jumpers & need tightly sealed tanks.

These fish highly adaptable.

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