Taveta Weaver

Taveta Weaver Ploceus castaneiceps

Type of Animal:

Savanna, bulrushes, woodland, swamps/swampy areas, marshes, wetlands, drier bush country, forests, riparian areas, shrubland, never found above 4,921.26 ft

SE Kenya & E Tanzania

Males bright yellow w/ greenish wings/tails & chestnut patches on napes/chests, females yellowish-olive w/ dusty streaks & pale yellow underbelly, black beak

Seeds, corn, grains, grasses, insects, fruit, vegetables, insect larvae

Status in Wild:

Breeding from zoos, private breeders, & wildlife parks

Colonies often have 30-40 birds

Additional Info:

Male: Cock
Female: Hen
Young: Chick
Group: Colony

0.6-0.8 oz

2 weeks 

Life Span:
10-20 years

Body Length:
5.5 in

Tail Length:
1.375 in

Females usually lay 2-3 dark olive green eggs.
Often called Taveta Golden Weaver.
Colonies often seen in proximity w/ other weaver species.
Chicks fledge at 2 weeks old.
Sexually mature at 10-12 months.
Short thick bills come in handy for cracking seeds open.
Often breed twice a year.
While common in captivity & in wild, there’s still much more to be learned about these birds. Most common weaver species in captivity.

Fun Fact(s):
Named after SE Kenyan town of Taveta.
Well-known for nest weaving (hence name), males use beaks to weave nests & females choose mate based on male’s weaving skills. Males typically build woven spherical/oval grass/reed nests (usually over water), sometimes w/ up to 5 chambers & long entrance tunnel. Some nests fill entire trees & many trees can have up to 10 nests. Sometimes, multiple males share single nests which will have many apartment-like chambers. If female(s) interested, she’ll line nest w/ fresh grass. If nest fails to be selected by any females, males break nest down & rebuild.
While using beaks to make nests, legs/feet/claws used for hanging on while nest building.
Very noisy birds making harsh, low-pitched chattering.

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