Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet Trichoglossus moluccanus

Type of Animal:

Forests/woodlands of all types (open or closed), urban/suburban areas, coastal bush, heathland, parks, gardens, forest edge, mangroves, watercourses, mallee, orchards, savanna, eucalyptus stands, plantations

E. seaboard of Australia from Queensland to South Australia. Introduced to Perth area of W. Australia, Tasmania, Auckland area of New Zealand, & Hong Kong.

Bright plumage, bluish head, red beak, green-yellow back, red upper belly, blue lower belly, black beak on juveniles.

Nectar, honey, pollen, flowers, coconuts, seeds, vegetables such as beets, lettuce & green beans, fruits such as citrus fruits, mangoes, pomegranates, kiwis, papayas, grapes, cantaloupes, pineapples, figs, apples, & pears, crops such as sorghum, wheat, oats, & corn, & insects.

Status in Wild:

Breeding in aviculture, zoos, wildlife parks, & aquariums.

Found in flocks of 6-50 birds, sometimes up to 100. Breeds in colonies of many monogamous pairs.

Additional Info:


4.64 oz

3 weeks

0.83 ft

Body Length:
1 ft

Life Span:
10-15 years in wild, up to 25 years in captivity

Tail Length:
0.5 ft

Main predators are raptors, foxes, snakes, monitors, & cats.

Often shot and/or poisoned as crop pests.

Larger flocks have been known to chase away other birds from food sites, even magpies.

Flocks travel long distances to find food.

Female incubates eggs & is fed by her mate.

They often hang from trees when lapping up nectar.

They’re very noisy birds.

They’ve been known to drink water from the ground.

Fun Fact(s):
They have a very powerful bite.

They’re very friendly & love interaction. In fact, many zoos have walk-thru habitats where guests can feed them nectar.

They’re very messy birds.

They’re called “Rainbow” because almost every color of the rainbow is visible on feathers.

Very popular in pet trade, many people buy these birds as pairs, either same-sex or opposite-sex.

They’re very smart birds.

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