Nicobar Pigeon

Nicobar Pigeon       Caloenas nicobarica

Type of Animal:

Lowland forest, wooded areas, mangrove forest, jungle

Nicobar Islands E. through Malay Archipelago to Solomon Islands and Palau up to Phillipines.

Mainly green-blue w/ dark gray breast, black bill, & red legs. Red iris in females, brown iris in males & sub-adults. White tail present on adults. Young birds have black tail. Adults have more feathers than juveniles.

Berries, seeds, insects, fruit, grains

Status in Wild:

Breeding in zoos, breeding centers, & aviculture

Often found in flocks of 80-100 birds. During breeding/nesting season, nest in very large colonies w/ hundreds of monogamous pairs.

Additional Info:


Male-1-1.15 lbs
Female-1.08-1.32 lbs

30 days

Male-1.4 ft
Female-1.3 ft

Body Length:
Male-1.4 ft
Female-1.3 ft

Life Span: 
8-10 years in wild, 12-15 years in captivity

Tail Length:
4.8 in

Main predators are feral cats, pigs, & rats

Though stable, threats include introduced predators, habitat loss, pet/bird trade, deforestation, & hunting for meat/gizzard stones (used to make jewelry).

They’re one of the larger pigeons.

Like other pigeons/doves but unlike most other birds, female feeds young “crop milk.”

Squabs stay in nest for up to 3 months.

Only roost/breed on uninhabited islands.

Male builds nest & coos as part of courtship ritual.

Uses gizzard stones to grind up harder food items.

Also called hackled pigeon, white-tailed pigeon, & vulturine pigeon.

They feed on the ground.

Fun Fact(s):
Rather shy in the wild. Known to be very friendly in captivity.

Research conducted by Oxford University Museum of Natural History shows that this species is closest living relative of now-extinct Dodo Bird.

When threatening others, they make a pig-like grunt.

Like other pigeons/doves, they don’t sip but suck up water.

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