Lesser Brazilian Teal

Lesser Brazilian Teal Amazonetta brasiliensis

Type of Animal:

Freshwater areas w/ dense vegetation, wetlands, freshwater lakes, pools, lagoons, marshes, riverine areas, small lakes in dense forests, densely vegetated inland ponds, densely vegetated inland lakes

Brazil, Guiana Shield, C Venezuela, E Colombia, NE Peru

Both sexes have light brown plumage (female plumage duller) & pale gray on head/neck sides, males have red bill/legs/feet, dark crowns, iridescent green-blue upper wings/dark lower wings, females have much duller dark gray bills w/ duller red legs/feet, white patches above eyes, & white throat, juveniles look somewhat like females but even duller

Seeds, roots, fruits, aquatic plants, greens, insects, worms

Status in Wild:

Breeding in zoos, aquariums, private breeders, & aviculture

Flocks of 2-20 birds

Additional Info:

Male: Drake
Female: Hen
Young: Duckling
Group: Flock
12.35 oz

3-4 weeks

Life Span:
10-15 years

1.14 ft

Body Length:
1.14 ft

Also called Lesser Brazilian Duck.
These birds are nonmigratory.
Females build nests in thick vegetation surrounded/near water but also use tree hollows, abandoned tree nests, & occasionally,
Females lay 6-12 pale cream or yellow-tinged eggs & breed once or twice a year.
They’re agile fliers.
Courtship involves male swimming ahead of female & whistling as well as preening display showing wing iridescence.
Often seen w/ ibises & whistling ducks.
Sometimes hunted for food & as crop pests.
Sexually mature at a year old.
Often hybridize w/ closely related Greater Brazilian Teals.
Active during the day (diurnal).

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