Guam Kingfisher

Guam Kingfisher Todiramphus cinnamominus

Type of Animal:

Forests, woodlands, coastal lowlands, coconut plantations/groves, large woody gardens, mangrove swamps, ravines, agricultural fields, forest/woodland edges/openings, strand vegetation


Blue back, rusty cinnamon head, males have orange-cinnamon belly, females/juveniles white belly w/ orange, large laterally-flattened bill, blue tail, metallic green-blue wings, juveniles dustier than adults

Insects, insect larvae, lizards, crustaceans, mice, worms

Status in Wild:
Extinct in the Wild

Breeding in zoos, breeding centers, & aquariums. Potential reintroduction into wild or introducing to snake-free island nearby. Eradication programs of Brown Tree Snakes, which have decimated bird populations on Guam.

Solitary, monogamous pairs, or small family parties of a monogamous pair w/ 1-2 sets of offspring 

Additional Info:

Male: Cock
Female: Hen
Young: Chick
Group: Party

Male: 1.8-2.6 oz
Female: 2-2.7 oz
3 weeks 

Life Span:
15-20 years

Male: 7.87 in
Female: 9.44 in

Body Length:
Male: 7.87 in
Female: 9.44 in

Tail Length:
3 in

Before introduction of invasive predators, monitor lizards & raptors main predators of adults w/ crows taking young. Accidentally introduced brown tree snakes from S Pacific have taken disastrous toll on these birds as well as cats, rats, & pigs.
Became extinct in wild in late 1980s due to introduced predators (especially brown tree snakes but also cats/rats/pigs) & habitat loss. All remaining birds were placed into captivity.
Very shy/secretive in wild.
Only found in captive facilities in N America & Guam.
Have loud raspy call.
They’re cavity nesters.
Pairs usually lay 1-3 eggs (most often 2) but often only 1 chick survives, often due to siblicide.
To capture prey, they swoop down & beat it side to side on branch to stun/kill before swallowing whole.
Sexually mature at 1.5 years.

Fun Fact(s):
Known as Sihek in Chamorro language spoken on Guam.
Less than 150 of these birds left in the world.
Though small, they’re highly territorial & often attack other bird species as well as conspecific. This means they don’t mix well w/ most bird species in captivity.
Guam Kingfisher, stock photo

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