Green-Winged Macaw/Red-and-Green Macaw

Green-Winged Macaw/Red-and-Green Macaw Ara chloropterus

Type of Animal:

Forests (closed & open), woodlands (closed & open), lowlands, savanna, mangroves, mangrove swamps, clay/salt/mineral licks near rivers/riverbanks, foothills, can be found as high as 4,921.26 ft

Extreme S Panama, N & E Colombia, Venezuela, Guiana Shield, W & C Brazil, E Ecuador, E Peru, N & E Bolivia, N Paraguay, & far NE Argentina. Population also occurs on Trinidad (unsure if introduced or native). Once found in far N Argentina, other parts of Paraguay, & SE Brazil.

Bright red breasts, green upper wing covert feathers, white beak, green & blue wings, red body, yellow eyes surrounded by bright red bars, looks very similar to Scarlet Macaw but larger & lacks yellow feathers, long pointy tail

Seeds, nuts, fruit, flowers, leaves, sand/clay/salt/minerals from licks, berries, vegetables, green vegetation, tree bark, leaf buds

Status in Wild:

Breeding in zoos, aviculture, breeding centers, wildlife parks, & aquariums. Reintroductions into N Argentina.

Found in flocks of 2-12 birds-nesting done solitarily w/ monogamous pairs defending breeding/nesting territory.

Additional Info:

Male: Cock
Female: Hen
Young: Chick
Group: Flock

Male: 3 lbs
Female: 2.65 lbs
Young: 0.74 oz

1 month

Life Span:
30 years in wild, 60-70 years in captivity

2.83 ft

Body Length:
2.83 ft

Tail Length:
2 ft

Main predators of adults are raptors, snakes, monkeys, felids, crocodilians, opossums, & rats. False vampire bats & toucans prey on chicks.
2nd largest macaws after Hyacinth Macaws.
Sexually mature at 3 years old.
Strong beaks easily crack open nuts.
Due to diet, play important role in seed dispersal.
Like many macaws, they can be very loud.
Ingest sand/minerals/clay/salt to help neutralize toxins in some of the foods they eat. Often seen w/ similar-looking Scarlet Macaws at licks.
Females lay 1-3 eggs.

Fun Fact(s):
Certain hybrid forms occur in captivity, such as Harlequin Macaws (hybrid of Green-Winged & Blue & Gold), Buffwing Macaws (Buffon’s/Great Green & Green-Winged hybrid), Ruby Macaws (hybrid of Green-Winged & Scarlet), & Calico Macaws (Green-Winged & Military hybrid).
Has a reputation as a gentle giant.
Fairly popular pets but tend to be very high maintenance.
Can fly at speeds of up to 35 mph.

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