Black-Throated Laughing Thrush

Black-Throated Laughing Thrush Pterorhinus chinensis

Type of Animal:

Forests, primary/secondary lowland woodland, primary/secondary hill woodland, bamboo woodland, bushes, brushy forest edge, wet grassland, moist scrubland

SE Asia, SE China, & Hainan. Introduced in Hong Kong.

Sleek gray/grayish-brown/blue-gray bird w/ white cheek patches, black face/throat, blue-gray head. Hainan subspecies browner w/ no white patch & gray head.

Insects, plant material, seeds, vegetation, crustaceans, fruit

Status in Wild:

Breeding in zoos & wildlife centers

Flocks of 2-15 birds, usually made up of breeding pair & chicks. Often, an older clutch or 2 help raise younger siblings. Sometimes, siblings of dominant pair help rear offspring & occasionally, more than 1 male & female breed. 

Additional Info:

Male: Cock
Female: Hen
Young: Chick
Group: Flock

3.17-4.58 oz

2 weeks 

Life Span:
12 years

9.06-11.81 in

Body Length:
9.06-11.81 in

Tail Length:
5.5 in

Main predators are monitor lizards, felids, bears, hornbills, civets, snakes, & crocodilians.
Females usually lay 2-4 eggs once or twice a year.
Often has rich warbling song.
Noisily flips over leaves/twigs to root out insects.
Sexually mature at a year old.
When alarmed, calls loud/harsh chatters and/or screams.
Feet come in handy for gripping food.
Chicks born featherless & blind but grow at fast rate often eating equivalent of own weight a day.
Chicks fledge at 2 weeks but stay w/ parents for several months more, sometimes a year.
Cup-shaped nests made w/ moss/dead leaves/other available materials.
Sedentary birds, often staying relatively close to birthplace.
Family members often seen preening each other.

Fun Fact(s):
Popular in cagebird/pet trade, leading to possible declines in parts of range.
Some scientists believe Hainan subspecies should be separate species called Swinhoe’s Laughing Thrush.
Get name from loud chattering calls.
Black-throated laughingthrush, stock photo

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