Asian Fairy Bluebird

Asian Fairy Bluebird        Irena puella

Type of Animal:

Evergreen/semi-evergreen forest, humid forest, deciduous forest, forest edge, moist hill forest, rainforest, plantations, monsoon forest

From much of India, Sri Lanka, Himalayan foothills, Indochina, Palawan, parts of Indonesia/Malaysia

Mature male ultramarine-blue w/ some black & glossy coloration, females & young males dull blue-green & drabber than mature males. Both sexes have red irises.

Fruit especially figs, nectar, berries, insects, mealworms, insect larvae

Status in Wild:

Breeding in zoos & aviculture

Small flocks of up to 10 birds. Breaks off into pairs for breeding/nesting season.

Additional Info:


Male-1.92-2.72 oz
Female-1.76-2.56 oz

13 days

3.84 in

Body Length:
Male-10.8 in
Female-10.56 in

Life Span: 
10-12 years in wild, up to 15 years in captivity

Tail Length:
1.92 in

Main predators are hornbills, bears, gibbons, civets, felines, snakes, raptors, monitor lizards, & crocodilians. Pigs prey on chicks.

Possibly declining due to logging, habitat loss, pet trade, & persecution by farmers due to eating fruit of coffee plants.

Song consists of loud, melodious whistling call.

Chicks leave nest at about 1.5 months old.

Female builds nest & incubates but both parents help take care of chicks.

Tend to breed in most humid areas of the forest.

Sexually mature at 1 year old.

These birds are mostly sedentary.

They often bathe in forest streams during hottest part of day.

Plays role as seed disperser due to fruit-eating habits.

Fun Fact(s):
They’re not closely related to the bluebirds in North America.

These birds known to be very shy in the wild.

Green moss in nests helps camouflage nest/young.
They often catch insects in mid-air.

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