Vietnamese Mossy Frog

Vietnamese Mossy Frog Theloderma corticale

Type of Animal:

Limestone cliffs, tropical/subtropical forest, caves, rocky mountain stream banks, rocky pools, water-filled tree trunk/root holes, hollowed logs in pools, steep rocky cliffs, rocky areas surrounded by water/vegetation, rock crevices on stream banks, man-made reservoirs

N Vietnam, Guangxi & Hainan areas of China, & parts of Vietnam-Laos border

Mottled green/brown skin resembling moss, big eyes, black spots, very well camouflaged

Insects, insect larvae, worms

Status in Wild:

Breeding in zoos, aquariums, & herpetoculture. Potential reintroduction programs into areas where declining.

Small groups of 6-8 frogs

Additional Info:

Young: Tadpole/Froglet
Group: Army

Male: 1 oz
Female: 1.5 oz
2 weeks

Life Span:
5-6 years in wild, 10-15 years in captivity

Body Length:
Male: 2.75-3.25 in
Female: 3.5-4 in
Tadpole: 0.8 in
Froglet: 1.3 in

Main predators are reptiles, fish, larger amphibians, & bats.
Females lay clutches of 6-30 eggs. Male fertilizes eggs as they’re laid or walks over them after being laid. Eggs typically attached to submerged stones/floating vegetation.
Metamorphosis from tadpole to froglet lasts 3-8 months. Metamorphosis shorter in warmer water. Froglet stage ends at 10-12 months old, when maturity reached. When metamorphosing, tail becomes stub & front legs develop.
Though stable, potential threats are water pollution, pet trade, habitat loss, development, & chytrid fungus.
Very shy & secretive in wild.
Active at night (nocturnal).
Adhesive disks on toes come in handy for climbing trees as well as jumping.
Breed from April-June.
Males make beautiful hooting calls at night during breeding season.
Have excellent vision due to large eyes.
Sometimes kept as pets.
Usually breed in wet rocky areas & tree crevices/holes.
Courtship involves male grasping female from behind (amplexus).
Usually hunt 2-3 times a week, primarily relying on camouflage as ambush predators.

Fun Fact(s):
To swallow food, they pull eyes down into mouth roof helping push food down throat.
Fold into ball & play dead when frightened/threatened.
Also called Tonkin Bug-Eyed Frogs or Warty Frogs.
Ventriloquists of frog world, able to throw voices & make self sound like it’s coming farther away from where it actually is.

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