Small-Spotted/Common Genet

Small-Spotted/Common Genet Genetta genetta

Type of Animal:

Woodland, savanna, grassland, forest, farmland, villages, rocky hills/hillsides, shrubland, desert, deciduous areas w/ rocky terrain & dense scrubland, evergreen areas w/ rocky terrain & dense scrubland, settlements, mountainous areas, olive groves, riparian/riverine zones, ash groves, rocky areas, bushes, thickets, scrub forest, scrubland, marshes, bush areas near rivers/brooks, rural gardens, urban gardens, rocky outcrops, ravines, rock/tree crevices

1 population in southern Africa, 2nd population ranges from Senegal & S Mauritania in W east to Sudan, Ethiopia & Somalia down through Tanzania & going N to Egypt, 3rd population in Morocco, N Algeria, Tunisia, & Libyan/Egyptian coast, 4th population in SW Saudi Arabia/W Yemen w/ disjunct population in W Oman, introduced in SW Europe & Mediterranean Islands 1,000-1,500 years ago from Maghreb.

Slender cat-like body, small head w/ pointed muzzle, large oval ears, large eyes, cat-like feet, short legs, pale gray coat w/ small black spots, long black stripe runs along middle of back from shoulders to rump, whitish chin/throat, striped tail

Rodents, shrews, bats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, millipedes, centipedes, scorpions, insects, eggs, frogs, fruit, fish, refuse, mushrooms, dik-dik fawns, carrion, pet food

Status in Wild:

Breeding from zoos, wildlife centers, & breeders


Additional Info:

Young: Kit
Group: Solitary

Male: 3.5-5 lbs
Female: 3-4.4 lbs
Young: 1 lb

2.5 months

Life Span:
8-10 years in wild, 13-20 years in captivity

5.9 in, same for both sexes

Body Length:
Male: 1.6-3.17 ft
Female: 1.54-3.07 ft

Tail Length:
Male: 1.42-1.52 ft
Female: 1.36-1.5 ft

Main predators are leopards, snakes, owls, honey badgers, servals, caracals, foxes, northern goshawk, cats, & dogs.
Active at night (nocturnal).
Partially retractable claws help aid in climbing & catching prey.
In most of Africa, they breed in wet seasons. In Europe, N Africa, & Middle East, they breed in spring & fall.
Females give birth to 1-4 kits.
Sexually mature at 11-12 months old.
Moms & kits exchange hiccup-like calls, which also used in courtship. Younger animals often purr & mew. They’ll click/growl when threatened. Will also erect mane to make it look bigger when threatened.

Fun Fact(s):
Has been seen in Netherlands, Germany, & Switzerland (most likely escaped/released animals).
Can squeeze flexible bodies through any opening bigger than head.
Only civet found in Europe & Middle East.
Sometimes kept as exotic pets.
Small Spotted/Common Genet, stock photo

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