Sudan/Great/Western/Rough-Scaled/Round-Nosed Plated Lizard

Sudan/Great/Western/Rough-Scaled/Round-Nosed Plated Lizard Broadleysaurus major

Type of Animal:
Plated Lizard

Rocky areas (especially semiopen areas), rock piles/crevices, rocky hills, termite mounds, small rocky mounds, burrows, coastal woodlands, thickets, savanna, semiarid grasslands, steppes, rocky desert, scrubland, flat areas, can be found from sea level to 5,577.428 ft

Ranges from Ghana E to Ethiopia & Somalia down to SE Africa

Heavily armored, stout body, short limbs, broad tail, body/tail covered in transverse bands of plate-like keeled scales, color ranges from tawny to grayish brown to dark brown w/ pale underside, males sometimes brighter in throat during breeding season, juveniles darker than adults

Insects, insect larvae, spiders, worms, grubs, fruits, vegetation, flowers, smaller lizards, rodents, berries, millipedes, centipedes, birds’ eggs, snails, greens, vegetables, leaves

Status in Wild:

Breeding in zoos & herpetoculture

Solitary or small groups of a male w/ 2-10 females

Additional Info:

Young: Hatchling
Group: Colony

1 lb

3-4 months 

Life Span:
10 years in wild, 20 years in captivity

Body Length:
Adult: 1-2 ft
Young: 0.5 ft

Tail Length:
1 ft

Main predators are larger reptiles, carnivorous/omnivorous mammals, & predatory birds.
Females usually lay 2-6 eggs.
Active during the day (diurnal).
Often share space w/ other species.
Sexually mature at 2 years old.
Sometimes kept as pets.
Fairly shy but many individuals can tame down.
Coloration aids in camouflage.
Most heavily plated lizard of all the plated lizards.

Fun Fact(s):
Has scaleless fold running down body, which can help expand body if they eat a lot or if threatened & wants to make itself look bigger. Gravid females utilize this mechanism too.
Like many lizards, they can drop tail if threatened & regenerate it.
Head scales fused to skull.
When threatened, they’ll run for cover & wedge themselves in tight rocky areas. Can also use plated tail as whip. Armored skin itself works very well too.
Besides defense, armored skin protects it from climate.

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