Blue-Necked Tanager

Blue-Necked Tanager Stilpnia cyanicollis

Type of Animal:

Forests (closed, semiopen, & open), forest edges, gardens, semiopen areas, open parks w/ lots of trees/brush, dry savanna, plantations, former forest, tropical/subtropical moist shrubland, tropical/subtropical dry shrubland, tropical/subtropical high altitude shrubland, tropical scrubland, second growth areas, found from sea level to 8,000 ft

W Venezuela, W & NC Colombia, Ecuador, C Peru, CW & extreme EC Bolivia, C Brazil

Blue hood/throat, wing coverts/wing edges/rump turquoise to greenish straw color, multicolored wings, posterior lower areas black, violet, or blue, beak/legs/feet black, juveniles brownish gray, males have somewhat brighter wing bars

Fruit, berries, flower blossoms, insects, flower buds, Cecropia catkins, vegetables, seeds

Status in Wild:

Breeding in zoos, wildlife centers, & aviculture

Flocks of 2-8 birds

Additional Info:

Male: Cock
Female: Hen
Young: Chick
Group: Flock

0.6 oz

15 days 

Life Span:
7-8 years in wild, 12-15 years in captivity

4.72 in

Body Length:
4.72 in

Tail Length:
1 in

Main predators are snakes, carnivorous/omnivorous mammals, & predatory birds.
Females build well-concealed mossy cup nests & usually lay 2 white brown spotted eggs in it.
Rather noisy birds when foraging.
Utter complaining moderate-pitched che & high-pitched seet. Notes sometimes given singly or che repeated in rapid series sometimes ending w/ louder chep/seep.
Chicks fledge at 15 days & become independent at around 3 weeks but may stay around for longer.
Sometimes seen flocking w/ other bird species.
Play important role in seed dispersal due to diet.
Female incubates while male brings her food. Both parents take care of chicks.
Sometimes seen at feeders.
Active during the day (diurnal).

Fun Fact(s):
They’re very acrobatic, catching insects from leaves or in flight, & hanging upside down from branches to peck at Cecropia fruits/catkins.
Sometimes kept as cagebirds.
Sometimes other flock members assist w/ care of chicks.
Blue-Necked Tanager, stock photo

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