Solomon Island Leaf Frog

Solomon Island Leaf Frog Cornufer guentheri

Type of Animal:

Forests, humid disturbed habitats, gardens, degraded lands, urban areas

Solomon Islands as well as islands in Bougainville Autonomous Region of Papua New Guinea

Base color ranges can be tan, orange, yellow, gold, earthy brown, red, rusty, & even lime green, triangular head, protruding brows over eyes (leading to also being called eyelash frog), ridged veins under back skin, very leaf-like appearance

Insects, smaller amphibians (including smaller members of own species), small reptiles

Status in Wild:

Breeding in zoos, aquariums, wildlife centers, & herpetoculture

Small groups of 2-5 frogs

Additional Info:

Young: Froglet
Group: Army

Male: 0.07 oz
Female: 0.17 oz

1-2 months 

Life Span:
3-5 years

Body Length:
Male: 2.5 in
Female: 3.5 in
Young: 1 in

Main predators are birds & other amphibians (including each other).
Active at night (nocturnal).
Camouflage comes in handy for protecting itself from predators as well as ambushing prey.
Rather shy in wild.
When prey detected, it will lunge at it & swallow it whole.
They don’t have a set breeding season.
Sexually mature at 7 months old. Males mature before females & can be heard calling as early as 4 months old.
Sometimes kept as pets.
Breed readily in captivity.

Fun Fact(s):
Known as SILFs in herpetoculture.
Unlike many frogs, females sometimes call as well.
Females lay 5-100 clear pea-sized eggs (so transparent that developing froglets can be seen through eggs) after breeding, usually laying them in small shallow ground nests/pits. Once eggs hatch, they hatch out as fully formed froglets skipping tadpole stage.
Besides being called Eyelash Frogs, they’re also called Gunther’s Triangle Frogs due to triangular shape as well as Barking Frogs due to male’s barking call (which can be heard up to ½ a mile away. Another name is Solomon Island Horned Frog.
Solomon Island Leaf Frog, stock photo

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